How is the top party schools chosen? Find out here


So every year we see these rankings go out of the “top 10”, “top 20”, “top 50”, and “top 100” party schools of America. But, how are those rankings decided, and who decides this? This was always a question that was always never really answered… Until now.

West Virginia University has stayed in the top 10 range in every ranking this year. Princeton reviews ranked WVU at number 2; as ranked WVU at number 4.

The rankings are decided by 7 categories:

Admission: This is generally based on the acceptance rate of the college. WVU currently accepts 86% of the students that apply. Students are accepted based on their GPA, SATs and or ACTs. The chart also includes the application fee and the amount of women and men that are accepted annually.

Cost of the University: This will show viewers the net price according to the household income. The price for in-state and out-of-state tuition, and the amount of financial aid that they school gives out.

Academics: Now here you will see the diversity percentages, the ratio of student to teachers (21:1), and basically students’ opinions on the professors, education system and the quality of the information that they learn.

Majors: Reading the title, this is basically self explanatory. The chart breaks down every major available at West Virginia University and the graduation rate of that major.

About the Students: The diversity of the people attending the school are here. Whether they are Democrats or Republicans, international or in state, the age range and much more.

Campus life: Now this is where the fun of the rankings begin. Here colleges are ranked by their dorms, campus food, the safety of campus, our sports teams, and most importantly, the party scene.. cough cough.

Reviews: And last but not least the reviews that people post about WVU.

Now each college has different statistics obviously, and each website has their own ranking but generally these are what most websites take into consideration before making ranks.

Overall West Virginia Receives an A-, according to Niche.


Turmoil around the country but maybe not in Morgantown…

Have you ever heard of Personally, I hadn’t before all of the recent drama with their company. You could take a look at the site itself or you can just watch this short video:

Okay…convenient right? Of course it is. All those pesky emails that appear in your inbox that you didn’t even know existed in the first place, can suddenly be gone using this fabulous service.  Eh…until they steal your information and sell it to companies such as Uber. Eek!

See the beauty of this service is that all of a sudden, your inbox is sorted by subscription emails, allowing you to unsubscribe from the ones you don’t want. But reports have been made that also “tracked emailed receipts sent by the ridesharing company Lyft, and sold them to Uber, Lyft’s biggest competitor.”

This all came to life when The New York Times published an article titled, “Uber’s CEO Plays with Fire,” on April 23. The article shined a light on the fact that Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, threatened to pull Uber off the App Store because of potentially identifying and tagging iPhone users, even after the app was deleted.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 6.27.13 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-25 at 6.29.00 PM

Uber and are facing some interesting situations here but really only one is responding.’s CEO, Jojo Hedaya, released a statement regarding this incident on’s blog. You can view the entire statement here, but for the main point of it, read below:

“Sure we have a Terms of Service Agreement and a plain-English Privacy Policy that our users agree they have read and understand before they even sign up, but the reality is most of us – myself included – don’t take the time to thoroughly review them.

So we need to do better for our users, and will from this point forward, with clearer messaging on our website, in our app, and in our FAQs. We will also be more clear about our data usage in our on-boarding process. The rest will remain the same: providing a killer service that gives you hours back in your day while protecting your privacy and security above all else.”

He never really admitted that they did anything wrong but just mentioned they will do a better job in the future of informing their customers what has happened.

Uber on the other hand is just living its life, causing problems left and right. If you didn’t hear about Uber’s drama with the traffic strike, just read this article, and this one too. You’ll hear everything you need to know.

The real question is – since this is affecting people all over the country, is the entire country reacting? West Virginia is not a very big state. Morgantown is not a very big town. Are residents of Morgantown and WVU students using Are they deleting the Uber app? As I mentioned my post titled, “Uber vs. Morgantown Taxi Services…is there really any competition here?,” Uber is one of our only options in this small town. Is this really something that we can give up even if we don’t agree with their business decisions?

Is the Nation’s Largest College Festival the safest?

On Saturday, April 22nd, I attended the 15th annual Number Fest, the nation’s largest college festival. Located close to Ohio State University, this festival consisted of mainly the EDM and rap genre with numerous artists such as Migos, Young Thug, Louis the Child, 21 Savage, and Jauz. The scene: OU students mainly.

 Based on my friend’s knowledge of the event this year v. last year, they explained to me that they have heightened their security to crack down on underage drinkers. They do not let attendees bring any coolers in unless you are camping v. last year when it was allowed. If you are camping you could only bring one small cooler in. Last year camping at the festival was anywhere on the grounds and this year they created a separate location for it and you have to have a camping wristband to go into those grounds. I know last year it didn’t matter.

Why the sudden change in rules? Was the event able to enforce these new rules?

Not really.

They did give a special wrist band given to those that are 21 and up. However, they did not go searching in the crowd for drinkers without those wrist bands. They also did not have any female security guards meaning they did not do a proper pat down for women making it easy to bring in weapons. There were so many college students at this event that I saw people hopping over the GA fence into VIP area.

It was just too easy. Easy can be fun, but also very dangerous.

Why do people go to festivals?

Society associates festival goers with drug use. Yet, millennials attend festivals because it’s where they can connect to other people through music, through their fashion, through their lifestyle, and yes, even drug use. 14.7 million millennials go to at least one music festival per year. That means that there is a high chance of students overdosing, getting dehydrated, injured.

To minimize drinking, Number Fest by eliminated shuttle systems to and from the event, forcing people to drive.

Founder Dominic Petrozzi explains what changed from an article written by The Athens News.

“Eliminating the shuttling system has made the attendees a little more responsible when it comes to getting out here and getting home,” Petrozzi said. “Those issues have definitely dissipated drastically since we’ve gone to this particular style of event. We’re really trying to build off last year’s successes, and want to continue to have as minimal an impact as possible on the area surrounding the festival grounds.”

Yes, there were tons of traffic but, forcing one person to be the designated driver was safer for students. However, that new change may have not stopped all students from drinking and driving.

Festivals are sometimes glamorized. There are thousands of videos circulating the internet making music festivals look like the time of your life but they don’t mention the dehydration, the injuries, and even deaths that occur.

Below is a video re-capping last year’s Number Fest event.

Student Austin Evans went for a third time to Number Fest.

He explained that the festival gets bigger every year. Three years ago there was no camping and it was one day and now there’s two days and camping.

Do you think festivals are glamorized? Like have u ever watched a re-cap video and thought it made it look 10x cooler then the event actually was?

Although as stated above, sometimes festivals are glamorized with the hidden reality of drug use and injuries but Evans disagreed.

 “No everything they put in videos was accurate to me. I love that about #fest.”

Any security changes?

“No changes in security.”

Do you feel safe?

“Yes, I feel safe.”

When you think of festival culture, do you associate that with drugs, drinking, and partying? Or really just music? What are your thoughts on that?

“I do associate the festival culture with all of those things honestly. I think it is very prevalent that these things happen.”

 How can this problem be stopped?

In 2003 Then-Senator Joe Biden passed the Reducing American’s Vulnerability to Ecstasy act (RAVE).

“Renamed the Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act, it’s still commonly known as the RAVE Act. The legislation allows authorities to prosecute event organizers and venue owners for facilitating the use or distribution of controlled substances on their premises.”

It’s problematic because these venues stopped providing cool down rooms and free water because it seems that they advocate for drug use when in reality they just want festival attendees to be safe.

Festivals are a big part of millennials culture. What has to change is the excessive drug use and drinking and an increase in water stations, and promotion for a safe event. Festivals have thousands of attendees and you cannot stop a person from making the choice of taking drugs and or drinking tons of alcohol but, you can know your limits, hydrate, and make smart choices.

A special note: This is my final post for our group blog and I want to thank all my readers and especially my group. They have been so helpful with my writing and such a good group to vibe with. I love how although we are all different, and have different views on nightlife and the activities we are evolved with, we came together to discuss Morgantown nightlife. Thank you ladies for all your hard work. And to all, good luck with life.



WVU Graduation Celebration

The West Virginia University spring graduating class of 2017 will soon walk across the stage and be recognized for their various degrees earned. With graduation comes a changing and eventful weekend for Morgantown. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters will all flock to the apartments and houses of WVU students to celebrate their relatives outstanding accomplishments.


Image Source:

Graduating at WVU creates quite the downtown celebration.

For undergraduate seniors who now earned bachelor degrees, they will celebrating at the nightlife they have called home for the past four years.

College isn’t just about sitting in classrooms, cramming for tests, and drinking 10 coffees day. The entire college experience has highs and lows, but I think we all can agree that one of the best times is celebrating wins, accomplishments, and events with our best friends.

The friendships made in college are really important in shaping the college experience. These are the people we cry to after a bad grade, vent about group work, go on late night trips to Sonic, and drink a bottle of wine with after acing an exam. For some of us, we are only minutes from home, but for many of us, we are many miles and even countries away from our families. The friends made here become our family units. We have roommates that we share our lives with and friends that take care of us when we need it. To be able to look back on all of our accomplishments and successes causes for a great reason to have an excessive graduation celebration in Morgantown.

As parking lots fill up, so will the restaurants and bars. As families come and begin to leave, students will head downtown to celebrate the end of an era and the start of a brand new life. For the first time, many of these seniors will be done with school. We start at age five and now here we are. Most of us are in our early twenties about to make our mark on the world without classes, paper due dates, and weekly exams. It’s time to celebrate thousands of notecards made, countless hours in the library, all nighters, and all those credit hours spent in class.

We went out and asked some WVU seniors what there graduation celebration plans are.

“I’ll be going to Joe Mamas”- Alexa Anderson

“I will probably end up at 4th & Goal. Or maybe I’ll go to The Bank.”

“I probably won’t actually go downtown, but I’ll go to Cheddars with my family.” -Tahnee Thompson

Some students expressed their excitement for WVU night life via Twitter

This year’s celebration should be one for the books! Congrats Grads!


imgresMarijuana—also called weed, herb, pot, grass, bud, ganja, Mary Jane, and a vast number of other slang terms—is a greenish-gray mixture of the dried, shredded leaves and flowers of Cannabis sativa, the hemp plant.

April 20th is the unofficial holiday for marijuana smokers.

The myth of the day began as a term that some teenagers made up when they met up and smoked. Somehow the word got out and 4/20 became the national day of smoking marijuana. And with this “special day” we as a society can accept that times are changing, and marijuana had been more widely accepted.

Why is there still a debate going on whether it should be legalized or not?

States such as D.C and California have legalized medical marijuana use. Colorado has legalized recreational use. Maryland has decriminalized marijuana which gives a person a fine instead of arresting them. And many other states have also created marijuana laws.

13% U.S adults are currently using marijuana in 2016 v. 7% in 2013 and 43% of U.S adults say they have tried it.

In late March, West Virginia, a Republican state passed a law on the legalization of medical marijuana. This passed in Senate 28-6 votes and in the House 76-24 votes.

Governor Jim Justice supports marijuana and so W.Va. will become the 29th state to pass a medical marijuana law.

In a medical marijuana study, 68.3% of numerous patients with a variety of diseases benefited from marijuana use. 

More states are progressing and legalizing medical marijuana for patients with mental and physical diseases and disorders.

Medical marijuana has helped patients with Stress, Anxiety, PTSD, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and even Cancer.

And with these states legalizing medical marijuana our nation can help these patients with their issues in a natural way.

Below is a video went viral in 2016 when retired police captain, Larry, who has Parkinson’s showed amazing improvements when he used medicinal marijuana.

Here are the results:


Should we suddenly not care about the states Marijuana laws?

West Virginia is becoming more liberal on the idea of marijuana but it is still illegal and with thousands of students attending WVU, they must know what they risk when smoking marijuana on campus and off, or they will get in trouble with the law.

Campus police are cracking down on student’s use.

According to the Community Standards of Conduct,

Drug sales or intent to sell within one thousand feet of a school is a violation of federal law, as well as state law. Every year, we make a number of arrests in the residence halls for drug possession and occasionally for distributing. Most offenses involve the use of marijuana.

Yes, having your own home does make drug use easier but if you live in a dorm there are extreme and strict rules on drug use.

What can happen is:

  1. If dorm staff has a reason to think you are smoking or holding marijuana in your room they are legally allowed to search your room and or call campus police to conduct a search.
  2. If caught you can get a citation and or trouble with the dorm.
  3. You’re going to have to attend a student or staff conduct meeting to figure out your punishment.
  4. You are going to have to face the facts that you will probably have to pay a fine and do volunteer work.

It’s honestly not worth your time and money just because you want to “get high.”

Does Morgantown advocate marijuana use?

There are many smoke shops around Morgantown in which you can purchase glass products and other items.

Some smoke shops in Morgantown are Smoke Zone, Glass Lab, Cool Ridge, Fatty J’s, Glass Gone Wow.

Most of these shops do have “tobacco use only” signs but that isn’t stopping anybody. Students typically purchase these pieces for marijuana use.

Since it’s so easy to go into any of these shops and purchase glass pieces, instead of going out and drinking, they stay home and smoke.

This is another type of nightlife, the “high” nightlife.

Due to the circumstances, names have been changed.

“I smoke, but I only rarely buy it. I usually just take it from boyfriend. I like it just because sometimes I feel like I’m super uptight and it helps me relax. I usually on smoke at night though,” says student Ashley Miller.

“I like smoking when I’m already a little drunk and it’s the end of the night. It’s nice mellowing out after a long night of drinking,” says student Leslie Gram.

Even with the progression of marijuana use, not all students find the lifestyle appealing.

A common response was that they get more anxious from it, they get paranoid, and that they just don’t know how.

Student Brian Green says, “I don’t smoke weed. It gives me horrible anxiety. And I feel weird.”

“I smoke when it’s given to me sometimes but mostly just get really tired or I like inhale it wrong and don’t feel anything,” says student Katherine Walters.

Whether you’re for it, or not, marijuana is becoming widely accepted. People are discovering numerous benefits for disorders, and other medical issues to back up their case. The battle for legalization will always be in progress.


Turning 21 in Morgantown: is it really the best thing ever?

Let me answer that question right off the bat…YES. Let me set the scene for you, though.

You come to WVU and you are either 18 already or about to turn 18. You are so excited because you have all these new nightlife options available to you – there are frats and house parties and clubs… you don’t know what to do first! However, not all schools have clubs that are open to 18-year-olds and over. So for you, this is pretty amazing.

For those of you unfamiliar with which bars/clubs in the area let in students over 18-years-old or only over 21-years-old, check out this map. The green little martini glass means that the bar/club is open to ONLY 21 and older customers while the red martini glass means the bar/club is open to anyone over 18-years-old.

So during your years as a freshman, sophomore, and half of junior year, you have been spending your nights in the same clubs. Each year, or even every few months, your bar of choice may change up based off of your friend group or which place has the best deals, but overall, you are switching between the same few.

In these bars, you can get in [somewhat] legally one of two ways: You can either use your real identification or you can use a fake ID. Now here are the situations I have endured from using both a real ID and a fake ID.

What using a real ID entails:
1. You will wait on an extremely long line unless you get there early before the crowd.
2. The back of your hands with be marked with ginormous black X’s. (You will want to immediately wash these off because 1) that’s embarrassing and 2) if it doesn’t come off immediately, it will be on for days and you will most likely wake up with a huge X across your cheek from sleeping.
3. They will pat down guys and check girls purses so bringing in alcohol is pretty difficult.
4. You will have to bring a ton of cash if you are trying to get someone who is 21 to buy you a drink.
5. You can have each drink taken away from you at any point in the night and potentially get an underage from ABC if they come.  Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.29.23 PM

What using a fake ID entails: 
1. You wait in a way shorter line which makes you feel pretty badass as a little underaged kid.
2. You stand there slightly nervous, wearing more make up and higher heels thinking this will make you look older. (Or for males, pushing back your shoulders and trying to look taller…)
3. The bouncer checks your ID while you are sweating trying to remember your fake birthday, making non-suspicious eye contact, and “acting casual”.
If you get in:
4. You get a wrist band and feel like you run the world.
5. You can buy drinks all night and have the time of your life.
If you don’t get in:
4. You get completely denied and you’re embarrassed.
5. You have to either leave quickly before a cop sees you, you run to the end of the underage line before it gets any longer, or you quickly leave and go to

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.16.51 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.17.28 PM
For more information on this, check out Rebecca Toro’s post on fake ID use in Morgantown!

So after years of that hassle, all you want is to turn 21 and step foot into some of the new, hip bars and clubs you haven’t ever seen the inside of before! Now if the map above didn’t help you out, these kind souls on Reddit thought it would be a fantastic idea to broadcast on the internet, which bars/clubs in Morgantown are apparently easier to get into as an underaged person. Although I am not saying that those people are correct, I would recommend not trying to use a fake ID at an exclusively 21 and older bar/club in Morgantown. I will tell you right now – it’s pretty hard to get in and students know that.

One student made it very clear in a tweet actually poking fun at his Geography teacher.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.20.13 PM

Those fake student IDs now-a-days are getting extremely out of hand apparently! On the other hand, those REAL IDs are still getting denied.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.25.45 PM

But on a real note, students wait years to be able to experience Fat Daddy’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration, Joe Mama’s Mamapolooza, and RubberU Bar Crawls all around Morgantown. It’s just something special.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.27.45 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.24.57 PM

So underage people, your turn is coming soon! Don’t you worry! Enjoy the time you have being crazy and young at the underage bars because you will miss it when you are allowed at this “big kid” bars…but you’ll only miss them a little bit!

Crossing the Sand

Fraternity: A group of people sharing a common interest of profession. Entering a fraternity means entering a life long brotherhood. Something that some people would die for. The amount of commitment while pledging is unimaginable.

On January 24, 2017 the movie Burning Sands was released on Netflix. This was a story of 5 college student who went through rigorous tasks as pledges to be able to “cross the line” from pledges to fraternity members.

The students had to basically do whateverBS the big brothers said leading up to “hell night”.  On this night the students were hit, spit on, and pushed around; this was a test from the big brothers to see if they would crack.

While this was partaking, one student fell to the ground and began convulsing from the mouth. The big brothers yelled at the pledges to drop him off at the hospital while covering their face and license plate so they will not be identified.

He died. In the hospital without his family there to say goodbye.

West Virginia University’s greek life had two deaths in the past 3 years with the involvement of fraternities. This took a toll on the community, as well as the families of the students who have passed.

In November of 2014 freshmen, Nolan Burch died while pledging Kappa Sigma with a BAC of .49NB

“The death of Nolan changed the atmosphere of Greek life as a whole because this was the first death of a kid in a fraternity. So they instantly put a blockade on all Greek activities which involved date parties, formals, and philanthropy events,” said Hassan a member of Kappa Alpha.

His big brother will be charged in the involvement of his death. This trial will take place this August on the 22nd.

Some students look forward to joining a fraternity for the simple reason of having friends. There are numerous amounts of students that did not fit in and just are looking for a brotherhood.  Just like “Square“, from the movie “Burning Sands”. He was a small, fragile pledge who did not have any friends, since the nickname that was given to him.

And just like Square, there was Nolan. He was looking for somewhere where he would fit in and have friends to hang out with.

“It was really tough on him. … I think it hits home with everyone because (Burch) didn’t have a lot of friends here and that easily could have been one of my friends.” Says Burch’s former roommate.

Sometimes when looking to fit in you may go to extreme heights when you don’t even notice. When looking in from the outside of a fraternity organization he chemistry that they share can be desired from others.




Dressing To Go Out, Drag vs Fab.

We wrote a post a few weeks ago about LGBT night life in Morgantown, and wanted to expand on that subject to bring exposure to a subject some may not know about.


Source: Arizona T Cummings

Personally, my first time seeing a drag queen in Morgantown, I was 18-years-old. I was scared, nervous, and excited all at the same time. I didn’t expect my first time going out to be on a stage watching a queen tell me I had “straight girl flip flops.” I was watching a man, dressed as a woman, dancing flawlessly around the stage to Lady Gaga’s Just Dance.

There are many myths and assumptions about drag queens in Appalachia because there isn’t a vibrant gay culture at the tip of the Bible belt. Morgantown drag queens aren’t much different than other drag queens across the world, but once you get to know them, they become family.

Most other clubs have live bands, DJ’s and performances while Vice Versa showcases drag queens and strippers.


Vice Versa has their regular performers like the vixens and also showcases a variety of performers from other places on occasion.


Dressing to go out takes effort. Growing up watching shows like Jersey Shore, Millennials were given an expectation of what to where when they go out.This show, like many other shows will all straight characters, never really dive into gay culture night life. We spend hours watching youtube makeup tutorials, judging each other on Instagram, and deciding who wore it best in daily snapchats. This culture of attractive competition makes the entire mating process that much more difficult. Some of us, like drag queens, dress to impress, and just to have fun although, drag queens do perform for for fun, just like on Ru Paul’s Drag Race.


Thankfully, videos like this one, show us just exactly what drag queens go through when they get ready for a night of going out. From gluing eyebrows to lip liner and wigs, drag queens go through more than a regular bar or club goer. Most of us take the necessary time to grab a button up or put on on our favorite black dress, but for drag queens, the process might be just a little more than what some of us are use to. This process takes dedication and should be a respected art.

Take a look at a night in the life of some drag queens at Vice Versa in Morgantown.

*Warning* Video contains foul language and some explicit content.

One of the main differences in Morgantown drag queens vs. going to see a show in New York or Washington. D.C. is the price it costs to see them and their availability for pictures. In Morgantown the cover varies from no cover on Thursdays to a possible $7 cover for 18-20-year-olds on Saturdays.

This gay club in Washington D.C. charges on average anywhere from $10-15 to see shows.

Seeing a show in a small place nestled in Appalachia can be just as fun as seeing a professional from Ru Paul. Morgantown’s gay bar makes it seem like a family atmosphere and the queens are always down for a picture to commemorate your experience!




WVU student damages

We all remember the game with WVU and Baylor in 2014  when WVU upset the number four ranked team in the country. The crowd went crazy, as well as the students.


WVU students that night went downtown and started a riot, setting everything they could on fire. The expenses to cover the damages done that night added up to be around $45,000.

Due to the amount of damages and the publicity that the school was getting students that posted about the event were expelled as some were suspended. Police and firefighters were called in to bring the area back to stability.

Tear gas was used to clear out the area since the students would not go home. President Gee was not happy with this event at all, sending out a tweet on his personal account in reaction to the events partaking.

“Disappointed in some of our student body today. While a small minority, the actions of a few hurt the reputation of our entire University,” Gee said in his tweets. “I appreciate the outrage of so many of our students and ask our student leaders partner with me to create change. I want all students to know this behavior is unacceptable. We can and will work together to prevent this situation from happening again.”

As some students believe that this is fun and just a celebration, others feel as though we need to “grow up”.  says police officers at the morgantown police department.

The only question is.. Is there going to be a change in students to make sure this does to happen again. College football increases the levels of aggression in viewers, with the assistance of alcohol anything is possible.

Liquor Liability Licenses…What are they and why do we need them?

The state of West Virginia requires many different forms of licensing and insurance for bars and clubs to be able to run smoothly and serve alcoholic beverages. The many licenses include smaller ones such as a bartender license or an alcohol seller/server permit. Others are bigger like the Liquor Liability License and Insurance. Without that big guy, bars and clubs have no hope of ever being able to sell alcohol and make any sort of profit.

Let me start by shining a quick spotlight on why Liquor Liability Licensing is so important.


Trusted Choice made it very clear what Liquor Liability Licenses are and why they are required. On their website it says,

“Any business that sells or serves alcoholic beverages, including restaurants, nightclubs, and bars, can be held liable for damages or injuries caused by intoxicated patrons. This can include damages that result from fights, careless behavior or even automobile accidents. While it may seem logical to place the blame fully on the individual who perpetrated these acts, the establishments that allowed them to become intoxicated are also held largely liable and can be sued for exorbitant sums of money, particularly if resultant injuries are severe or fatal.

Fortunately, you can protect your business from large financial losses with a liquor liability insurance policy. These policies are sometimes included with general liability coverage in some business insurance policies, but most often they need to be purchased separately as stand-alone coverage or as a business policy endorsement.”

They also touch on the fact that not all states mandate this coverage. Even in some of those states, you may be required to carry it if your financial institution or landlord require it.

[ For an example of a Liquor Liability application from Bray and Oakly, click here. ]

That makes it pretty clear. So why is this such an issue that it needs to be brought up in the sense of Morgantown? Well, West Virginia’s laws regarding these Liquor Liability Licenses has changed in the past year.

There was a million dollar Liquor Liability and Insurance policy that was mandatory for all bars and clubs to purchase if they were to be serving alcohol. Because most of these licenses needed to be renewed every year in June, the majority of the bars’ insurance policies expired. Now that this particular license is not mandatory anymore, the owners had the option to repurchase or not.

[ For more information on these specifics, see the State of West Virginia’s Department of Revenue’s Alcohol Beverage Control Administration document. ]

The West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration realized there was a lot of confusion on these licenses and insurance policies that they made a whole page filled with questions and answers. Some questions I found informative are below.

Q. How long does it take to get a license?
A. The time varies, depending on several factors: the length of time taken to process and get CIB reports back; whether or not paper work is in order; inspector’s schedule, Commissioner’s review of file.

Q. How do I get a liquor/wine/beer license?
Call Licensing Division and ask for an application packet, which contains the necessary forms and instructions (phone 1-800-642-8208 or (304) 558-2481) or download forms from our website.

Q. How long does it take to get a license?
A. The time varies, depending on several factors: the length of time taken to process and get CIB reports back; whether or not paper work is in order; inspector’s schedule, Commissioner’s review of file.

Q. What is the distance restriction concerning a church or school?
Three hundred (300) feet measured front door to front door, as people travel.

Q. Can an individual get a liquor license?
A. An individual may obtain a retail nonintoxicating beer or wine license so long as he/she has been a resident of West Virginia for two (2) years prior to making application. Any establishment selling liquor to consume on the premises is considered a private club; and private club licenses may be issued only to corporations, associations, or limited liability companies.

Q. A license is good for how long?
A. All licenses expire June 30 of each year and must be renewed at that time. The fiscal year is July 1 to June 30.

Q. What are some of the most common reasons that license renewals are returned?
1. All of the required signatures are not on the form. For a corporation, the president or vice-president of the corporation must sign the application itself and the bonds. If an association, each person listed as a member of the association must sign all of the paperwork.
2. The beer or alcohol bonds are incomplete or incorrect. Each section on the bond applying to the licensee must be completed in the proper section. There are specific sections for each type of entity- a corporation, an association, an individual or partnership. The proper section must be completed. Also, be sure the appropriate individuals have signed if it is a new bond form. (See item #1)
3. Improper form of payment. The only forms of payment accepted for license fees are cashier or certified checks or money orders.
4. Failure to answer all questions. Please answer every question on the renewal application., Even if all of the officers are the same as last year, We need them listed anyway. Renewal applications are relied upon for keeping our files updated and accurate.

Some people may be confused on why this is even something students and locals should be worried about. Most bar/club goers tend to go to these establishments with the intent to consume alcohol. Unlike restaurants and bars/clubs in other areas, the ones in Morgantown do not really cut people off. That means, people can be drinking to oblivion, but will not be kicked out until they create an issue (i.e., throw up, start a fight, fall asleep on the bar, etc.).

With that image in mind, imagine going to one of the popular bars/clubs in Morgantown. You are having a lot to drink and all of a sudden you slip on a wet floor and crack your head open. You getting hurt on the property of the bar/club after consuming alcohol at their establishment, means you fall under their insurance. Without these particular licenses, you are not protected and neither are the bar/club owners. In some situations it can really be a lose/lose. Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 2.01.48 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-12 at 2.01.14 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-12 at 2.00.27 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-12 at 2.00.14 PMAlthough these tweets are slightly outdated, you can see situations where serious incidents have resulted in a loss of liquor licensing.

For those of you in Greek organizations, this is the reason that it can be so hard recently to plan a social or date party. Many sororities need the million dollar Liquor Liability Licensing applied to Morgantown bars/clubs in order to hold events there. Why? Because  Greek organizations have insurance as well. They need to be able to ensure that if something happens, the national organization as a whole is covered and also that all of their members are covered.

So overall, why is this important? Bar and club goers need to know that they can be putting themselves at risk when they go out and consume alcohol. Being cautious is always important. Know what bars have what insurance and know your insurance before walking into one of the establishments around campus. You won’t regret it!

[ For more information on West Virginia’s Code: Chapter 60. State Control of Alcohol Liquors, click here. ]